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A complete set of 6 Yoga Joes comes in a display case with bamboo flooring. The 6 poses are: Warrior Two, Child’s Pose, Meditation Pose, Headstand, Cobra Pose, and Downward-facing Dog. Abramson has a special offer as well, “If you are an active duty or retired military veteran, it’s half off for a complete set of 6 Yoga Joes. We will not question you on this, so please be honest, because our service men and women deserve it.” The set is reasonably priced at $20 and an estimated shipping date is December 2014. Additional Yoga Joes are offered in a limited edition hot pink hue, as well as figures posing on tiny little yoga mats.

Of course we’d like to see Yoga Joes made with recycled and recyclable plastic to elevate the enlightenment of these toys even further.

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