Oh creepy, larger-than-life fake baby in the bear suit, how do we fear thee? Let us count the ways… First, there’s the interactive screen that serves as the baby’s face, complete with facial expressions that shift from happy-as-a-clam to inconsolable (a hidden water-supply tank provides “real” tears and — we kid you not — “actual” snot). Then there is the infrared camera, which the Yotaro Baby Simulator uses to interact with its victims faux-rents by responding to touch. The researchers at the University of Tsukuba in Japan even included built-in sensors in the baby’s rattle and tummy that trigger audible cooing and movement in its arms and legs, like a Tickle Me Elmo but infinitely creepier. Don’t believe us? Watch the video after the jump.

+ Yotaro

[Via Designboom]