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The heartwarming story began when Owen’s mother Amanda Lake called Tampa International’s Lost and Found department, in search of her son’s beloved stuffed friend. After a quick search, Hobbes was found in the children’s play area, and brought to Airport Operations Center Manager Tony D’Aiuto. To ease Owen’s mind while he and his family were in Houston, D’Aituo told Lake to tell her son that the tiger was not lost, but instead on an adventure. He had an idea to cheer the distraught Owen up when he was reunited with Hobbes — why not capture the tiger going on adventures around the airport to bring a smile to Owen’s face?

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Along with a few fellow employees, D’Aiuto photographed Hobbes at air traffic control, deciding on gelato, helping a bellman at the airport Marriott, and gallivanting around other normally private areas of the airport. When the family returned to Tampa, Owen was reunited with his best buddy Hobbes, and was gifted a photo book detailing all of Hobbes’ airport adventures!

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