Brother and sister Indi and Sydney may be growing up on a boat, but they certainly have their feet planted solidly on the ground and their priorities firmly in place. Along with their parents, these young kids have created The Green Gorilla Project, which is raising money to bring educational packs and art supplies to children in some of the remote communities they are visiting during their travels.

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As part of their own “boat-schooling,” the sibling duo is aiming to distribute packs to at least 20 different schools, many of which are extremely isolated, in the hopes of furthering the educational possibilities of the students. Each pack contains supplies for 50 students, and includes writing supplies, art materials, exercise books, and custom activity sheets created by Sarah (Syd and Indi’s cartoonist mom) that focus on conservation and education.  In return for your support, The Green Gorilla team is offering ‘zines of the family’s travels illustrated by Sarah, packs dedicated in your name, even a personalized business card design service. With a fully funded campaign, Syd and Indi’s family as well as several other families, will divide and conquer, distributing the packs over the course of 12 weeks and bringing opportunity and supplies to kids throughout the 17,508 islands (!) that comprise Indonesia.

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