Who would have thought that anything remotely good could come from garbage patches drifting in the ocean? While we’d obviously prefer pristine waters, Mini Rodini is turning trash into treasure by making some of the swimwear in their spring summer 2016 collection from 78% recycled polyamide, which is manufactured by using residual fishnets, ocean garbage, old carpets and clothes.


In addition to eye-catching retro graphics depicting outer space, and prancing unicorns on a bold orange backdrop (also available in a pink hue), Mini Rodini‘s collection demonstrates that pretty is as pretty does. With a selection of swim pants for boys and swimsuits with skirts, bows or ruffles or a charming, demure short-sleeve suit for girls (pictured at top), kids will delight in telling the tale that they’re making a splash in swimwear derived from ocean trash.

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With a whopping 600,000 metric tons of abandoned fishnets ending up adrift in the world’s oceans annually (ensnaring sea life and destroying coral reefs as they travel), we’re happy to learn that Mini Rodini’s swimwear helps clean up the oceans by melting down what they collect from the nets and garbage patches and spinning it into yarn to create clothing out of materials that would otherwise be wreaking havoc on delicate ecosystems.

To see the complete range of designs from this forward-thinking, innovative collection, click here.

Available in sizes 9-12 months to 6-7 years.

+ Mini Rodini Swimwear $46-$77

+ Mini Rodini

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