Pucker up! Just in time for Easter, YumEarth is stocking store shelves with a delicious candy that kids will love. Yes, it’s candy… but if you’re going to treat your kids, YumEarth candy is the way to go. Their YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans are made with real fruit juice, (with a nod to the Easter Bunny, the delectable jelly beans contain purple carrot juice), fruit extracts and natural ingredients. They contain no artificial dyes, no MSG and they are dairy-free, gluten-free, fat-free, soy-free, peanut-free and tree-nut free. Each serving provides 100% of daily vitamin C and has less than 70 calories. Don’t let the “sour” name fool you. These new jelly beans somehow manage to be the perfect combination of sweet and tart — making them simply irresistible.

+ YumEarth Sour Beans $5.99/10-pack Family Sized Bag

+ YumEarth