Toddlers going through the ‘terrible twos’ need a little Zen wherever they can get it… and so do their parents. zenblocks multifunction as a stacking/balancing game, toy for tots to bang together, and artistic focal point when placed on a desk or windowsill… spreading the Zen across the ages. After witnessing his niece and nephew mindfully stack rocks for fun in their yard, woodworker Mike Peck began crafting zenblocks with the leftover scraps from his furniture business. zenblocks are made in Idaho from sustainable, urban harvested wood (organic black walnut) and are finished with mineral oil. As varied and unique as their uses, no two blocks are alike.

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Tots may let loose and knock their zenblocks together, using them as a sturdy, gratifying instrument. Older children and adults will enjoy having a challenging go at balancing zenblocks into a tower. Given their uneven dimensions, stacking zenblocks is a rewarding game for contemplative play. Beyond the playroom, these artful balancing blocks may be appreciated for their simplistic beauty, or rolled in one’s hand as a stress relieving object… to channel some Zen.

+ zenblocks $24.50 for a set of six