For those thinking about trying to have a baby but concerned about complications from Zika virus, you may have to postpone your plans even longer: the Zika virus was found in the sperm of an Italian man six months after he originally displayed symptoms of the infection. Previous cases reported that traces of Zika could last up to three months, but this case demonstrated the possibility that the virus was actually able to replicate and reproduce itself inside the male genital tract. The Italian man, who believes he contracted the virus during a trip to Haiti, had traces of Zika in his semen, urine, and saliva after 91 days. By 134 days, only his semen still had traces of Zika, a condition that persisted until 181 days. Current recommendations regarding Zika include using condoms or abstaining from sex for six months after Zika symptoms are present in a male sexual partner, but this case and similar ones that arise may require that the guidelines are updated to suggest more time for the body to completely clear any signs of the virus. Zika has been linked with in utero brain damage, including microcephaly, which often results in a brain that is smaller than normal. See our previous, informative coverage on the Zika virus here.

via BBC

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