Toy cars and trucks are wildly popular gifts during the holiday season. Kids love to push and power vehicles and “Vrrooom!” the day away with play wheels; and we’ve found a line of earth-friendly, adventurous cars and eco-trucks from Sprig Toys that will get kids’ motors running. We’re racing to get Sprig cars and trucks because they are battery free and kid-powered, via pushes and pumps to create lights and sounds. They’re made out of recycled wood and reclaimed plastic, and they’re paint free and presented in minimal packaging. They’ve got us all revved up!

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Sprig Adventure Series vehicles are jam packed with features that are sure to earn them “favorite toy” status among tots. The Discover Rig, shown above, has a removable push bar, so it grows with tots from when they’re teetering along to when they’re footloose and fancy free. The Rally Racer and the Baja Scout are smaller, pump-action powered vehicles. These cars boast electronic light features, while the Discover Rig has both lights and motor noises, and is the sound enabler for the Adventure Guides, who sit in the driver’s seat and take kids on wild, imaginative rides.

Speaking of Adventure Guides… they are an ingenious feature that really set Sprig Adventure Series vehicles apart. The five choices of Adventure Guides are perfect co-pilots on your child’s mission to have fun. Each dons an LED lit headlamp which illuminates when plugged into the vehicle. Personally, we want to chill with “Rudi Tootin,” who guides tikes through an “Arctic Race” with high-energy music selected to ensure a “rudi tootin” good time.

Sprig’s Eco-Truck collection includes an Excavator, a Loader and a Dump Truck. What kid doesn’t love bright yellow trucks? They scoop, they rotate, they lift, they tilt… they have large wheels and easy grab handles. They’re the perfect sandbox companions.

Sprig’s philosophy is to create expandable toys which grow with children and complement future products and designs. This equates to less purchasing, and more appreciating. In Sprig Toys case, ‘green’ and innovative wins the race.

Sprig Toys from Amazon $15-$54
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*Recommended for ages 3 and up.