Children as young as 18 months and up to 4 years-old can learn to ride a ZumZum, as it is specially designed to help young kids learn at their own speed. Its pedal-free technology enables the ZumZum to act like a scooter, helping to develop strength and coordination before introducing the pedal motion. ZumZum’s can be adjusted 3-4 inches beyond its original size, so that little ones can learn to ride at their own pace, even if they start outgrowing the frame.

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The ZumZum’s simple 3-piece engineering contributes to its sleek look and lightweight quality. The handlebars contain quality rubber grips and even include a built-in NFC tag that tracks the bike with a smartphone. An ergonomically designed seat will keep your kids active for hours, with less strain on the seat than standard bikes. Its non-marking tires also mean that your tot can safely ride his or her ZumZum indoors (keeping your hardwood floors in tact)!

We’re rooting for ZumZum to reach their goal, and you can help them too! Visit ZumZum’s Kickstarter before February 7th, 2015 to donate to their campaign to bring this awesome bike to production.

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