Any kid can become a robotics programmer with ZURI—a new do-it-yourself robot kit that lets makers of all levels design their very own movable robot. Best of all, the robot can be built with simple tools like cardboard paper, glue, a ruler and a razor knife. The kit, which comes in various iterations and complexities, includes servomotors and controllers to make the ‘bot movable. There’s also a Bluetooth module that allows you to control the ‘bot wirelessly through a computer or smartphone. Check out this impressive prototype in action when you click through to watch the video.

ZURI is the brainchild of German robotics design studio Zoobotics. They hope to bring ZURI to classrooms to teach kids robotics, modeling, electronics and programming.

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The modular robot features a combination of leg and body modules for making small and big robot variations. The various imaginable combinations one could create with the robotic system allow for different degrees of programming and coordination difficulty.

Though not available for purchase, Zoobotics is presently working on plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign to make ZURI available on the market.

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Image via Zoobotics Facebook