Gael Langevin, a French sculptor and model-maker, is developing a design for an open-source humanoid robot that you can make with your own 3D printer. Langevin calls his robot InMoov, and he is making plans and digital files publicly available as portions of the design come to completion. InMoov is an ongoing project, and so far it is possible to build the robot’s arms and shoulders and to connect them with a torso unit. The body parts can be printed, but you’ll have to add mechanical and electronic components such as cables, servos, and Arduinos to make the machine work. See a video of InMoov in action after the jump!

[youtube width=”537″ height=”402″][/youtube]

Files for InMoov can be downloaded in STL (STereoLithography) format from MakerBot’s Thingiverse design-sharing site. Don’t expect to find a standard instruction manual for building InMoov. It’s a work-in-progress and subject to constant change and frequent updates. On his InMoov project web site, Langevin offers tutorials, photos, drawings, and videos that should help with assembly, if you’re up for the project.

Langevin is a sculptor at Factices Ateliers, his own commercial design firm in Paris. He calls InMoov “my contribution to the OpenSource 3D world.” Parts for download are offered under a Creative Commons license.

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