Yevlakh Seed Industry Campus, 2010 world architecture festival winner, toca, Azerbaijan, green design, sustainable architecture

The seed manufacturing facility is the first of its kind in the country. It’s equipped with the latest seed growth technologies and can produce 250,000 tons of seeds annually. Located near the agricultural districts of Azerbaijan, the entire manufacturing plant is designed as integrated parts of a single machine, and the architecture is defined by the function — two design strategies that help streamline the process of seed production.

The plant is made up of four areas: seed processing, packaging, storage and categorization. The packaging house is for cleaning up, classifying seeds by quality, and packaging them — then the warehouse stores the packed seeds. A maintenance building provides space to store vehicles and work on repairs, while the storing silos provide space to store and dry seeds. Skylights and natural ventilation help reduce energy use in the buildings and keep the facility at its proper temperature.

Speaking about the project, the judges remarked, “It is a unique project that works as a machine and its form emphasises the machinery, the plan is clear. The use of strong provocative colours has symbolic meaning and provides a unique character related to the function of the building. Additionally, the reinterpretation of the shed form is a very strong strategy.”


Images ©Sergen Sehitoglu