A leader in sustainable cladding partnered with an innovative installation designer. The result is a long-lasting, durable and low-maintenance rainscreen system with endless uses.

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A person installing a rainscreen.

Norwegian company Kebony offers a high-quality modified wood product used in patios and exterior cladding. Kebony Technology® is an environmentally-friendly wood treatment originally developed in Norway. The company has now expanded from its Oslo headquarters to production facilities in Skien and Belgium, plus a U.S. base in St. Clair, Michigan. 

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A person installing a rainscreen.

A recent Kebony release presents a protective exterior rainscreen with a sustainable wood cladding that requires no maintenance except basic cleaning. The system is easy to install thanks to a partnership with cladding and decking attachment system innovator Grad Concept USA. Grad™ for Kebony is a collaboration that ensures the profile of the Kebony boards snap seamlessly into the Grad™ Mini Rail system, creating a tight, aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-install protective barrier.  

A close-up of a hand installing a rainscreen.

The rainscreen has two different rail system sizes. The first is 1”x6” with a narrow gap (5/32”), similar in appearance to a nickel gap profile. The second is 1”x6” with a wide gap (17/64”), which resembles shiplap. Both systems support vertical or horizontal installment. 

A close-up of black rainscreen pieces.

“Kebony has been an optimal exterior wood cladding for decades here in the US and abroad,” Kebony North American Marketing Director Ben Roberts said. “In partnership with Grad Concept USA, we are the first manufacturer to provide an off-the-shelf, passive rainscreen with completely hidden fasteners, no pre-drilling, and perfectly aligned boards in the most popular gap options, all while cutting install time in half.”

A close-up of black rainscreen pieces.

Pre-mounted clips on aluminum rails provide uniform spacing for the Kebony boards and the proper air gap behind them. The system uses 100% recyclable aluminum & POM (polyoxymethylene). Even better, it’s durable and long-lasting with an expected lifespan of 50-75 years and a 30-year warranty.

Wood panels.

“The project uses for Grad for Kebony are limited only by the designer’s imagination,” Grad Concept North American Sales Manager Gwladys Petit said.

+ Kebony and Grad Concept USA

Images via Kebony