Potholes and other pavement woes can be hard to take on a bike – they convert all of your hard-won forward momentum into up-and-down unpleasantness. You could cry to your local public works department — or you could take matters into your own hands with this awesome new bike technology that redirects the bump away from you. The Tortola RoundTail frame ($2,000) transfers the shock of bumps in the road to two hollow steel loops, which replace the conventional twin triangles, cutting vibrations by as much as 50 times.

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The loops in the Tortola RoundTail frame force shock waves into a spiral, where their energy dissipates. Riders who took the RoundTail for as rugged a road spin they could find had no pain even after riding 50 miles. The same route made them achy after a measly two miles on a conventional bike. Sure, repaving the roads would be cheaper and more equitable — but with the state that public budgets are in, we’re not holding our breath.

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