Other than the fact that it was constructed in Russia, we aren’t entirely sure who’s responsible for this mean-looking chainsaw bike. While it may look like it’s designed for the sole purpose of cutting down everything in its path, the chainsaw’s motor does in fact power the front wheel of the bike. Apparently it’s not an uncommon practice – there’s a few instructional videos, and even an instructable out there for attaching a chainsaw motor to your bike, and with a 49cc engine or higher, it looks as though you can get a decent speed going. (If you lack a spare chainsaw, a weed wacker or any other small engine can do the job).

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A common thread through all the other versions we’ve seen? The recycled motors tend to power the back wheel, and generally the other working parts of the original appliance — such as blades —  are removed before the motor is hooked up to the bike. And while we can be absolutely certain that this insane Russian attack bike is in no way safe, we also can’t speak to the safety of making your own motorbike either — if you’re dubious of trying this, we might recommend seeking out a less DIY electric bike instead.

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