We’re all for electric vehicles and innovative new uses for everyday objects – but this EX vehicle propelled by screwdrivers is just nuts. The pared-down racing trike harnesses two 18-volt screwdrivers as engines, allowing it to accelerate up to 30 km/h. It looks like a blast, however due to the vehicle’s aggressive skeleton-luge seating you might just need a screw loose to drive it.

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Nils Ferber’s EX vehicle was built from the ground-up to offer the distinct experience of hurtling headfirst through the streets just a few inches above the pavement. The three-wheeled design places the driver prone with both arms outstretched – the better to hang on for dear life. The throttle and brakes operate like a motorcycle, and a custom-built joint allows the rear section to tilt as the driver leans into curves.

Most of the vehicle’s drive components are made from modified bicycle parts, and the vehicle’s minimalist frame keeps its weight down while showcasing its elegant design. According to Nils Ferber, the EX was inspired by a skeleton and its organs, and it was finished just in time for its first race – they didn’t even have time to test drive it.

+ Nils Ferber