Inscape is a maker of sustainable flexible workstation solutions. From desks that change height to walls that move, this sustainable company is creating a full line of workplace solutions that don’t wreck the planet. Now they have made a flexible bench-style desk system that creates new planet-friendly work options.

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The Inscape Bench is a customizable modular desk system that allows workers to sit in a row while offering multiple solutions for acoustic and visual privacy. Think open-office concept but private workstation. The Inscape Bench system encourages collaboration while supporting users to create their own workspaces that function well for their individual needs.

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Additionally, bench systems are reconfigurable, so you can give workers options for making space work for them, but change them out as needs or workers change locations. This extends the product life cycle and reduces waste, but it also creates options for making an open work environment that can be customized to the needs of multiple teams.

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Furthermore, these systems have various sustainability certifications to ensure that you are receiving a product that is easy on the planet and healthy for workers. They are indoor air quality certified, LEED and BIFMA certified and have a sustainable wood certificate that shows the wood used in these products were harvested with sustainable practice. Inscape’s commitment to these certifications reflects a belief that sustainability is defined on multiple levels, including a company’s social actions, material selection, energy usage and human and ecosystem health impacts.

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Beyond the sustainability certifications, what we love most about these desks is that they can be configured in long rows. Or they can be configured in multiple ways to create more workspace or privacy. For example, an L-shaped desk or individual desks that are distanced along a spine at angles creates more space between workers. These desks pair with storage solutions that are also configurable into different shapes. Lastly, the desks have available privacy screens made of different materials that create usable vertical storage, hanging sliding white boards or privacy walls.

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