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Located within the Technpolo Tiburtino, a major business and technology district in Rome, the compact Intecs headquarters covers an area of 37,600 square feet. Like LEED, the Casaclima-Klimahaus certification system assesses and rates buildings’ environmental impact and other energy-efficient design approaches on an energy scale that ranges from class C to Gold levels; the Intecs headquarters’ Class A rating is the second-highest possible in the Casaclima system. Although Casaclima certification system originated in Italy, it has also been adopted in other parts of Europe as well.

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The headquarters’ most eye-catching feature is the seamless section of glazing that outlines the pathways for two staircases and their connecting corridors that wrap around the building. The uninterrupted strip of glazing allows natural light to filter in and provides views out towards the neighboring parkland. Inside, the multipurpose office spaces are outfitted in a mix of wood, concrete, and steel, and are spread out across five levels.

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