Intel believes that ultra low-power computer chips are the future – especially when it comes to connecting people in developing countries, where electricity is often scarce. To this end, they just unveiled a processor so efficient that it can draw all the energy it needs to run from a single glass of red wine!

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Low-powered processors were the main focus at the Intel Developer Forum that just came to an end in San Francisco. On the last day of the Developer Forum, Intel’s Dr. Genevieve Bell demonstrated a chipset connected to a wine glass. When the doctor poured in a glass of red wine, the acetic acid in the booze reacted with two electrodes clipped to the glass to create a tiny current powerful enough turn on an incredibly low power chipset and display a flowery graphic on an e-Ink screen.

Although the demonstration worked, Intel says the offbeat technology is still years from any kind of practical application. However, this sort of extremely low-powered processor could allow for plenty of other alternative energy powered electronics we’ve already seen, including those powered by movement and body heat.

Via ComputerWorld