Fitness trackers abound these days, but can yours sync music with your workout? Intel has just unveiled a set of smart earbuds at CES 2014 that track your heartbeat and then selects music that can get you moving according to your workout goals. Many people already wear earbuds to listen to music while they work out, so it’s a natural place to hide biometric sensors. The accompanying app will also track your distance and calories burned. And if you really want to get going and max out your beats per minute, Intel’s earbuds will select a song that will help you achieve your target.

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We all know those heart rate monitors on the elliptical machines suck, and the bands that go across your chest aren’t too comfortable. A fitness tracker in your earbuds makes tons of sense, seeing as how you’re already wearing them. Intel worked with Valencell Inc., innovators of PerformTek® Precision Biometrics, to create the earbud sensor technology, which measures biometric data in real time. Heart rate data is pushed into the smartphone app that then acts as a coach helping you reach target heart rates, calories or distances.

To make it even better, the app will match your workout with your heart rate. Need to bump up your heartbeat? The app will select a faster-paced song to help you motivate. Intel’s app will keep track of all those other important fitness measures as well, like distance ran and calories burned. The smart earbuds fit snugly into your ears and never need to be recharged. Power to run the sensors comes from your phone through the audio jack. According to Engadget, who got a hands-on look at the earbuds, there’s still no word yet on when they’ll be available or how much they’ll cost.

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