A team of eco-technologists just unveiled an open-source project for designing intelligent beehives that monitor and track the health and behavior of bee colonies. A collaborative project between FabLab BCN, Open Source Forever, Sony CSL Paris and OKNO from Brussels, the hives include a sensory kit that transmits information to an open data platform called Smartcitizen.me. The published data, along with geolocations, are used to compare and analyze the hives and help solve the problem of decreasing bee populations in developed countries around the world.

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Intelligent Beehives from Nomasdf on Vimeo.

The design is based on the Warre Hive, otherwise known as The People’s Hive, which involves adding new hive boxes to the bottom and not the top of theexisting hives to promote the bees’ natural tendency to build down – ensuring an environment that is healthier and better suited to their own needs. The team took the Warre Hive design and adapted it to the open structure’s grid. The elements are fabricated and assembled without the use of screws or glue.

The design of the Open Source Beehive can be freely downloaded by anyone interested in growing a bee colony. The sensors collect data and log it online, but can also send warnings to yoursmartphone in case something goes wrong.

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