Being green is no guarantee that you’ll have a green thumb — a number of us at Inhabitat will vouch for that! Although we’d all like to be able to grow a plant or two, the thought of an inevitable death at our hands is enough to keep most of us from even trying to maintain a cactus. But fret no more, a new pot designed by 22-year-old Briton, Natalie King, just may be the solution to that black thumb. Equipped with a built-in sensor, the Tulipe Pot is a smart product that lights up whenever a plant is in need of attention.

The Tulipe Pot was inspired by King’s grandfather, who’s progressive vision loss kept him from easily checking on how his beloved plants were doing. So to remedy his fear of under-watering, over-watering, and overall neglect, King ingeniously designed a pot with a built-in sensor able to send up an SOS anytime the plant’s light and moisture needs weren’t being met.

While not yet commercially available, King is hoping to attract investors to gain wide range distribution. Although the lure of a foolproof gardening pot is tempting, we’re still a bit critical of all that added tech — simple ceramic pots are ubiquitous and much less energy-intensive to produce, and why not take visual cues from withering plants that they could use a drop to drink?

Via Daily Mail