At the “Paesaggi Mirati” art and architecture exhibition, an installation named “Tightrope walker”, interpreted the festival’s social utopia theme as the utopia of balance. Designed and built by Laura Crespi and Corinne Gallotti (a duo of young architects from studio 48nodi), the installation takes the form of a cabin, whose external walls are made out of 480 transparent plastic bottles and glisten in the sun. Beyond the curtain that serves as an entrance five small suns break the darkness: clear plastic bottles filled with water and attached to the ceiling to amplify the sun’s rays inside the cabin. Under each bottle, suspended by a nylon thread, is a small glass jar holding a germinating plant.

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In the intimate space of the cabin, the delicate spectacle of tightrope walking takes place. Water is the central element: it provides light for the plant to grow; and at the same time is a source of nutrition. The visitor’s task is to feed the plant, when necessary, by squeezing the bottle and letting water flow through. The greater the amount of water used for feeding the plant, the emptier the bottle will be, thus there will be less water to be used as light source. The visitor therefore plays the role of the tightrope walker, suspended between the need to illuminate the plant, and the need to nourish it. Water as light, water as food. Water as life. Be careful not to fall!

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“Paesaggi Mirati” is a festival of landscape architecture, promoted by Asilo Bianco and curated by Elena Bertinotti, which in recent years has led contemporary projects of landscape architecture and design in the charming village of Ameno (Lake Orta in province of Novara). This year the festival has seen the development of projects on the topic of social utopia with the participation of: Alessi, Fantini, Recycled stones, Gian Maria Sforza, Blumerandfriends, bubbles – Bollate, Caravatti_Caravatti, ScatolAperta, Lorenzo Consalez, Enrico Scaramellini, Pierluigi Salvadeo, On printed paper, and A4Adesign to name a few.

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+ Studi Aperti

Images via Francesco Lillo – Laura Crespi

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