Although modular by design, shipping container architecture have mostly been executed by individuals or firms on a case by case basis. Now, InterModal Design, a subsidiary of Hive Modular, is changing the game with their newly launched line of prefab shipping container living units that you can order and have shipped right to you. The dwelling comes complete with a kitchen, living area that transforms into a bedroom and (in some units) a bathroom. The interiors are fairly spartan, but the intention is for these units to be affordable and capable of shipping anywhere.

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InterModal Design was started after the co-founder of Hive Modular, Paul Stankey, built a shipping container cabin in Northern Minnesota for his family. After the success of their project, they felt confident they could provide a similar service to others looking for affordable and strong living units made from shipping containers.

There are currently six different designs available already – from basic 20 foot containers with the bare necessities to double wide container houses with two rooms. The current line focuses on auxiliary structures, but the design team is capable of drawing up more complicated structures with higher end finishings. As they say, “with shipping containers, the sky is the limit.” Check out their website for more details about their designs and contact them for a sheet on pricing.

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