Interpol is launching the first-ever Most Wanted-style list for environmental criminals. Consisting of nine individuals suspected of all kind of eco-crimes, the list is meant to raise awareness and help capture individuals who are wrecking havoc on our planet. All told, their crimes, such as poaching, ivory trafficking and illegal logging, have cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and Interpol wants your help to end the madness once and for all.

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According to Andreas Andreou, an officer with Interpol’s environmental unit, “Until recently, environmental offenses were not even considered a crime by many countries but as the years have passed, they have realized that environmental crime is a serious internal threat to our societies. It involves organized criminal networks which smuggle drugs, weapons and people. If a poacher need guns, for instance, here we have a crossover with arms trafficking.’

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One of the suspected criminals, Ahmed Kamran, is wanted for a sort of reverse Noah’s Ark smuggling situation in which he oversaw more than 100 animals – which included giraffes, gazelles, eagles and a secretary bird – loaded onto a military plane heading to Qatar. Several of the animals died in transport. 

Another suspect, Sergey Darminov, is said to have been involved in illegal crab fishing, raking in over $450 million. A third suspected eco-criminal, Adriano Giacobone is wanted for discharging toxic waste and poisoning water beds. While some countries have been hesitant to take any real action, Interpol’s new list might just help bring some of the worst offenders to justice.

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