Debuting nearly two years ago, gDiaper became the world’s first flushable diaper. Meeting rave reviews from mothers and fathers who were conflicted with the extra work that came with cloth diapering, and the endless piles of dirty diapers toppling over in the planet’s landfills, the gDiaper was a perfectly packaged godsend to the eco-conscious parent. Since launching their first product in 2008, the gDiaper collection has expanded turning out gCloth washable diaper inserts, fashionable new gPant styles, and the latest addition to the line, biodegradable gWipes baby wipes. An incredible endeavor that has grown to become an eco-powerhouse, we decided it was time to catch up with Kim Graham Nye, co-founder of gDiapers. Read ahead for our five questions with Kim, who gives us the scoop on how gDiapers got its start and what Kim credits as her inspiration for these planet saving products!