If you thought that middle America was the last to be concerned about their carbon footprint, think again. Iowa now ranks as the top state to receive the greatest percentage of its power from wind. According to the Des Moines Register is reporting, wind generation hit the 20% the second quarter of this year, and it looks like the state is working hard to increase this number even further. Currently best known for their production of corn, our friends in the midwest could soon be changing their street cred by rocking wind power.

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According to the American Wind Energy Association, the second quarter boost came from MidAmerican Energy’s new 594-megawatt wind farm near Adair — the first of three major wind projects the Des Moines utility plans for this year. The company already had 1,330 megawatts of wind generation capacity on its system.

Iowa is now the second biggest wind power market in the nation, with over 4,000 megawatts of installed capacity, only behind Texas who produces 9,000 MW.

So does this mean wind power back on the rise? Here’s hoping we all get swept away by the trend.

Via Treehugger