Wait – iPhone 6 already? You might think that we can’t count but industry insiders and Apple fanatics are already speculating on the new features of the 6th generation iPhone – yes, before the 5th generation even debuts! Time Magazine’s Techland pointed out yesterday that with the popularity of inductive charging, which uses electromagnetics to wirelessly charge a device, they wouldn’t be surprised if the sixth iPhone was capable of doing the same. Read on to see what other futuristic features are likely to be included in the iPhone 6’s arsenal.

As evidenced by the past generational improvements of the iPhone, the newer versions will most likely be slimmer and lighter and have a better camera, a heftier pricetag and no reason whatsoever besides vanity to upgrade – but that’s not all. According to the Wall Street Journal, “[Apple] has been experimenting with features such as a new way of charging the phone,” and we’re ecstatic to think that those features may include eco-innovations like a solar powered charger, a kinetic charger or even greener, no charger at all (people who wanted one could buy one separately but if they could use a charger they already own, that would mean a lot less e-waste in our landfills).

Techland also points out that at the Worldwide Developers Conference last month, the iOS 5 demonstrated its ability to receive updates wirelessly. Less wires mean less e-waste too, so we’re definitely looking forward to seeing the newest iPhone incorporate more of this type of technology.

Via Techland