Here at Inhabitat we have seen some very creative iPhone amplifiers that use bamboo canes, repurposed musical instrumentsand even an entire tree trunk to blast tunes. But here is one example you can easily DIY by combining a vintage bike horn and a standard plastic tube. Homemade, low-tech and definitely eye-catching, Lowtechatmo’s Bike Horn iPhone will combine your love of music with your love for bikes.

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Lowtechatmo explains the making process on his Flickr page page: “The bike horn (with it’s noise maker removed) had just the right amount of threading on the end to screw into the soft plastic hole, and be flush with the inside of the PVC. Leaving the ends of the PVC open allows for a more expansive sound and lets more treble escape. The weight of the horn keeps the phone from tipping back.”

A great way to give a new life to your old bike parts, the Bike Horn iPhone will let you — and others — enjoy music while you ride.

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Photo © Lowtechatmo

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