Remember when telephones were strictly used for making phone calls? Now smart phones are used to control everything from small homes to this awesome new Xkuty One electric bike. Electric Mobility Company of Spain, has made a stylish, silent e-bike that uses an iPhone attached to the center of the handlebar to control various features. Equipped with the exclusive free Xkuty app, the phone allows riders to set maximum speed (top speed is 35 kph/21.7 mph), select different acceleration styles, monitor battery consumption and even navigate by GPS.

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In addition to controlling speed and energy use, the Xkuty app also includes a clever safety feature that allows it to automatically call a pre-programmed emergency number if the phone’s gyroscope detects that an accident or fall has occurred. Electric Mobility Company claims Xkuty One is “the world’s first electric bike with full iPhone integration.”

For those customers who can handle the current sticker price of €2800 (£2360, $3781), it is possible to join a waiting list on the company’s website. But if the fun iPhone dashboard features aren’t enough to persuade you to spend this kind of money, perhaps an accompanying sustainability message will help.

The company website states that “human beings need to change the way they move. Traditional means of transport and the use of fossil fuels are affecting the climate and degrading our planet. Talking about it is not enough. We need to act and give people the opportunity and the tools to change their habits, but doing it Now. XKuty design and technology is based on basic principles such as efficiency, cleanliness, sustainability and respect for the environment. It does this in an accessible, intuitive and simple way.”

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Lead image via Electric Mobility Company