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In addition to the five year renovation works, the architects designed an angular rear extension that acts as a counterpoint to the resident’s traditional street façade. Multiple sloping surfaces of the extension reinterpret the existing architecture and carefully frame views of the surroundings-the room overlooking the garden focuses attention to the exterior at ground level, while a rear window frames the distant St Mary’s Church.

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The interior spaces break the confinement of the volume by creating optical illusions of depth, strengthened through the use of uniform materials that flow from floors to ceiling. Plywood cladding covers all of the living room’s surfaces, including a sloping back wall which, seen from a certain point, looks like an extension of the space.

The house features an innovative cooling system that uses water to chill hot air on the fabric panels before it reaches the interior. The system is inspired by a traditional technique called Coolgardie Safe, which was used by Western Australian miners to cool food. The architects kept the old chimney and transformed it into a water collector.

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