As of July 17th, Google will join the ranks of Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple by introducing their very own e-reader platform – and they’ve just announced that iRiver’s Story HD will be the first Google eBooks-integrated e-reader. The device is designed to tap into Google’s cloud-based eBooks service, which will also be compatible with a multitude of devices, including the web and other e-readers. In true Google fashion, eBooks will shine above the rest – offering users over 3 million free books to peruse.

Originally packaged under the name Google Editions, Google eBook can be conveniently used with Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Nook, Sony reader, and web browsers – how convenient is that?! Purchased and downloaded books are stored in the cloud, so your progress is synced. That means you can start reading on your Nook on the subway, retire to your laptop when you get home, and then pick it up again on your iPhone at lunch. Your library will grow, and be available on all your devices at any time.

The Google eBooks store has millions of titles available, but Google eBook also allows private vendors to sell eBooks to be used in their system. It’s been a good month for Google – first introducing Google +, then using technology to document tsunami damage and now to help save trees and reduce waste.

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