If you’re sick of constantly replacing your iPod headphones with even cheaper ones that will probably break before you even pull them out of the box, there’s now a brand new product that just may be the long-term listening solution you’ve been looking for. Audio designer Thomas Young has invented Ironbuds: a quality-made, modular set of earbuds that are not only durable, but repairable!

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The buds are made with detachable backs, gold plated sockets and plugs, and nylon braided cable surrounding its wire. All are equipped with audiophile quality speakers and are available in four different levels that are not only replaceable, but upgradeable. Users can purchase standard, deluxe, audiophile, and iPhone/Android kits at prices ranging from $21 to $47.

Using Kickstarter as a funding platform, Young has already raised $46,000 for this project — quadrupling his target amount. He hopes to not only reduce e-waste, but encourage customers to invest in a quality product they can trust and hold onto for longer than a playlist.

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Lead Image: Dano