Affordable housing developments are all too often shoddily built, with little consideration given towards environmental impact. That’s why Ironhorse at Central Station, a planned development in Oakland, California, is so impressive. The development, built on abandoned former industrial land, will feature 99 sustainably built one, two, and three bedroom apartments when it is completed later this year. What’s more, all of the apartments will be priced for families with incomes of $18,000 to $50,000.

ironhorse, oakland, ca, sf
Designed by architectural firm David Baker + Partners, the development will feature vegetated green roofs, solar hot water panels, solar panels to provide electricity in common areas, CRI Green Label Plus carpets, vegetated swales to capture rainwater, a high-efficiency drip irrigation system, and outdoor furniture, benches, and seat walls made with 100% recycled materials.

Ironhorse is just a small part of the Central Station project, which will transform 29 acres of former industrial land into a residential neighborhood. When it is completed, Central Station will have over 1,200 homes. Here’s hoping the housing outside of Ironhorse will also feature similar green amenities.

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