Tesla has done it. Nissan and GM are all over it. Is Apple doing it too? The future is here and, suddenly, it’s full of all sorts of talk about electric cars. That’s right, folks. Rumor has it, according to the Wall Street Journal, that Apple is developing an electric “minivan-like vehicle” of their own.

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In an article last week, WSJ speculated that Apple has “hundreds” of people working on a super-secret project, code name “Titan.” The project is reportedly expected to last several years and produce an electric minivan. Could Apple really be interested in going head-to-head against electric car giant Tesla?

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Essentially, all of this heated speculation about the project could be completely valid, but it doesn’t mean that a new Apple car will ever make it to market. Apple likes spending money to check out ideas, sometimes for years, before deciding whether to pursue them as actual product ventures. In many cases, execs issue a veto and projects die long before a marketable product is created. Despite the rapidly growing popularity of electric cars and the success Tesla has seen, that could easily happen to Titan.

Some have wondered aloud whether the Titan project is Apple’s attempt at developing a self-driving car, to rival Google and the like. That idea didn’t come out of thin air, but instead from the sighting of modified Dodge Caravans roaming the streets of New York and the Bay area recently. Although these are likely to be just the latest data collection vehicles for Apple’s mapping utilities, they do cause a raised eyebrow or two.

So, what exactly is Apple up to? We’re going to have to wait to find out, it seems. Apple officials have yet to confirm nor deny the reports. Let’s just hope they don’t put Siri on board.

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