The battle between Tesla Motors and Auto Dealers Associations across the United States keeps raging on. It turns out that New Jersey isn’t the only state that could pass legislation against Tesla’s direct-to-consumer sales approach this month – apparently legislators in New York are trying to advance a similar bill.

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A handful of politicians in New York have decided to give in to the state’s auto dealers association by sneaking in a last minute bill that would make it illegal for automakers to sell their vehicles directly to consumers. If the bill passes by the March 31, 2014 deadline, then New York would join other states like Colorado and Texas that already have laws on the table that ban Tesla sales.

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Fortunately, allies of the New York League of Conservation Voters have been able to slow down the bill, but it could sneak back in at the last minute. If it does pass, New York would become yet another battle ground, but it may not stick, since even New Jersey may reverse its latest decision.

+ New York League of Conservation of Voters