The Paleo diet purports to “get back” to the way our Paleolithic ancestors ate. The only problem with the diet—besides being environmentally unsustainable—is that it is probably nothing like the fare familiar to hunter-gatherers of yore. Treehugger’s Katherine Martinko decided to break it all down, taking a look at the ways the Paleo diet gets it wrong.

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No one is entirely certain how our ancestors ate, but we do have some idea. For instance, our Paleolithic ancestors were probably far more flexible than Paleo dieters of today, dining on whatever they could find. They were also probably mainly vegetarian, and the meat that was available was vastly different than our meat today.

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As much as we like to romanticize the fearless primitive hunter, our ancestors were probably pretty crappy at it, which makes it unlikely that meat made up the bulk of the actual Paleolithic diet. But, according to Martinko, the diet does get one thing right: their rejection of processed foods. Check out the rest of her article for all the details.

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