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Studio Marco Vermeulen believes that we need new building materials that aren’t made from increasingly scarce fossil fuels. That’s why they are partnering with Nabasco, which uses widely available waste organic materials. Nabasco 5010, which stands from NAtural BASed COmposites, is made from bioresin and locally sourced hemp fibers, which are produced by NPSP Composites.

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This innovative gas transfer station’s façade has embossed panels with H (hydrogen), C (carbon) and N (nitrogen), the chemical composition of natural gas. The panels’ glossy finish gives the impression that the building is made from a sleek, futuristic material — not resin or hemp! The exact constitution of bioresin varies, but it is often made from soy beans, linseed oil or even waste from biodiesel production.

+ Studio Marco Vermeulen

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Photos Ronald Tilleman