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The Kfar Kedem theme park in Hashaya, Israel is a biblical tourist attraction that aims to simulate life in ancient Galilee in which visitors experience what life must have been like in Old Testament. But despite the park’s aim to maintain a level of historical accuracy, the manager of Kfar Kedem, Menachem Goldberg has made the decision to provide wireless internet to guests, and has equipped five of the park’s donkeys with wireless routers.

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This entire story raises several questions, such as if you want to experience what it was like to live in Old Testament times, what are you doing checking your email? But park manager Menachem Goldberg explained that he hopes the inclusion of internet access in the hills of ancient Galilee will connect the younger generation to ancient Galilee life, allowing them to share, tweet and snap the experience instantly to friends.

“We have 30 donkeys in our town and we have fitted five with wireless Internet. We will consider whether to equip more as time goes on,” Goldberg told national paper Israel Hayom. The wireless router is slung around the donkey’s neck like a harness so that it doesn’t fall off and can easily be accessed.

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