Researchers at Sol Chip are working on an ambitious project to create the world’s first everlasting solar battery. It is hoped that the battery will be able to recharge even in low-light environments to power just about any mobile electronic device. Sol Chip’s current prototype of the technology combines photovoltaics with microchip technology. So far the battery has been limited to an output of 8.4 volts of power, which is enough to power a limited array of outdoor devices.

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The company is working on adapting the current design to power devices widely used in agriculture, farming, security related functions and weather testing. The first target industry for the future design is the milking industry. Monitors attached to cows that gather information on milk quality need their batteries changed every now and then. The new solar rechargeable battery would address that issue and be a cheaper and more eco-friendly alternative. Similar effects of introducing the new technology are expected in the irrigation techniques for agriculture.

The company claims to be the only one in the world to successfully combine solar cells with microchips in a cost-effective way. Their newest solar battery design was unveiled at the International Conference and Exhibition in Berlin last April. Sol Chip has raised $2.5 million from the Office of the Chief Scientist for the project. The company is now looking to raise additional funds to conduct necessary tests.

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