Inspired by the crafts and basic materials used by African tribes, Israeli designer Talia Mukmel created a series of the funky, bumpy containers seen above. Made using knotting techniques like macramé and materials like earth, flour, sand and water, the decorative objects actually look more like bread or mozzarella than home decor. Quirky, biodegradable and ephemeral, Mukmel’s innovative “terra-cotta” containers mix old traditions, easily available materials and experimental new techniques.

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To make these fantastic objects, the young designer first crafted macramé containers using a heat-proof tough string. Then she mixed and rolled the sand, water and earth with flour, which helps bind everything together, and wrapped the string basket with the dough. Lastly, she baked her creations in the oven for a few minutes.

A graduate of Bezalel Art and Design Academy, Talia Mukmel created the containers for Siam’s interior design competition and was also shown as part of a group exhibition called ‘Thinking Hands’ at this years Milan Design Week.

+ Talia Mukmel

Photo © Talia Mukmel