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The Hula Visitor’s Center is almost not discernable amongst the region’s mountains and valleys. The building’s viewing tower is the only element of the structure that purposely juts out of the terrain. Visible from far distances, the viewing tower acts as a landmark for travelers to find the center in the vast expanse of land. The viewing tower also provides a prime location for watching flocks of birds that settle on the canal’s waters surrounding the center.

The hidden center also provides expansive views of the mountain ranges to the east and west of the building from the comfort of its interior. Inside the center, visitors can also watch projected movies giving insight about local animals and plantlife, each presented in unique presentation bubbles that are gathered around the interior of the space.

The unobtrusive center is also designed to be built sustainably, employee the ample natural light and ventilation of the region. Harvested local eucalyptus branches will be saved from disposal, and be used as an organic louver system that will filter light through the building’s façade, furthering tying it with the land. Solar energy and recycling will also be prominent features in the Hula Visitor Center, furthering its steps to be as environmentally cohesive as possible.

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