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Built to follow a traditional three–room scheme, JRKVC‘s IST-Family House is organized around a central “service box” made from plywood. The box is able to accommodate a bathroom, a toilet, stairs, storage space, and a kitchen all in one place. Negative space around and above the box is used as a guideline for the bedrooms and main living room. To prevent the space from feeling too crowded, a huge curtain wall extends the home’s interior out into the garden.

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Instead of complicated heating and cooling systems, the architects decided to employ tried-and-true low-tech methods. An expansive concrete floor stores thermal energy and helps to heat the interior, while the house’s orientation does away with the need for a sun shading system. Regardless of weather, residents can relax on the porch to get some fresh air and exposure to nature, and on more gloomy days, a large skylight helps to fill the home with light and alleviate any “winter blues.”


Via ArchDaily

Images by Peter Jurkovič