Hydrogen fuel station by Honda

Clean energy company Acta has unveiled plans to install a network of solar-powered hydrogen fueling stations throughout Italy. The new fuel pumps will harness solar energy to produce hydrogen fuel from water through electrolysis. While hydrogen-powered cars may not get the column inches that electric cars do, they offer an alternative to the standard gas-guzzling automobile — and this is a market that Italy wants to encourage.

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Hydrogen technology has certain advantages over batteries — it doesn’t necessitate emission-creating production lines and it doesn’t require long recharge times. The tech has proved that it can work in conjunction with batteries and that it can also become a fully-fledged alternative fuel. European company Acta has pushed for the installation of their new solar hydrogen refilling stations throughout Italy.

They couldn’t have found a better place to install the pumps — Italy has shown strong support for solar power in the past by offering incentives to manufacturers. Italian legislation also requires all new fuel service stations to install a minimum amount of photovoltaic panels and to provide a gaseous fuel alternative to gasoline and diesel.

Girelli Bruni will be distributing the solar cells to Acta’s new fuel pumps, as they are currently the only company authorized to deploy the hydrogen refilling stations across Italy. Girelli Bruni completed more than 170 installations during 2009, according to Renewable Energy Magazine. When it comes to next-generation vehicles, we’re glad to see Italy paving the way for a more sustainable fueling network.

Via Green Optimist