The numbers are in: last year was the second hottest year ever recorded in US history – and the hottest in world history. Since 1895, temperatures in the States have steadily risen to an average of 54.4℉, which is 2.4℉ warmer than the 20th century average. At one degree higher, 2012 still reigns as the hottest recorded year in the US. Globally, 2015 is now the record holder for the most scorching year, having dethroned 2014’s record. The phrase “we are in hot water” seems disturbingly fitting right now.

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A combination of El Niño weather conditions and an increase in manmade carbon dioxide emissions are blamed for the trend. This includes last year rating as the third wettest on US record with average precipitation rates coming in at 34.47 inches, or 4.53 inches above the average. Weather-related disasters took a monumental toll on the environment, budgets, and human life, as well. Ten disastrous events from last year, each totaling $1 billion in losses and damages, account for at least 155 deaths.

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These numbers, from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, put climate change effects into a new and chilling perspective. These trends make it difficult to comprehend how deniers can keep on denying what is happening to the planet. The saddest part about this is that we can probably expect identical articles to be released next January about 2016.

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