The Ghostbusters were destined to be reincarnated in LEGO form, and now it’s official. Thanks to the latest LEGO CUUSOO project, a platform that allows LEGO fans to build their own creations and vote for new sets, the Ghostbusters ECTO-1 will soon make all your ghost hunting dreams come true. Designed by Brent Waller, the original Ghostbusters set included the fire station that was the headquarters in the movie, but sadly, only the vehicle will go into production.

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Don’t worry LEGO and Ghostbuster fans, Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston will be available, as will the marshmallow man and any other crazy ghost that may happen to show up in their girlfriend’s refrigerator. And if fans clamor for it enough, perhaps LEGO will offer up the fire station one day, which is modeled after an actual an fire station that still stands in New York city.

Like Peter Venkman would say, you’re right, no human being would stack bricks this way.

Via Gizmodo

image from Brent Waller and LEGO