ITZ Mayan Wood Furniture specializes in creating gorgeous, modern furniture pieces, but with a keen focus on sustainability. Led by Ania Wołowska and Luis López Antúnez Hassey, the company was established to combine their experience and skills with talented local craftsmen and artisans. All the wood used by ITZ is reclaimed from the Mayan forests of Southern Quintana Roo in Mexico, and have fallen due to natural causes.

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Their simple design collections feature wood with its natural imperfections—they preserve the natural forms, the holes, curves and smooth edges of the tree. The designs are carefully adapted to the form of the wood, preserving the spirit of the tree that once was, while at the same time making each piece unique and modern. Most of their pieces have retained their natural rugged edges, differentiating them from those in commercial furniture making where all the wood is reduced to uniform planks.

Their design process also highlights the respect they hold for the material. First, they select wood from the jungle and transport them to their workshops where they are cut into thick slabs and air-dried. Then, after matching and sizing slabs, they design the furniture. During the creative process, the aim is to take advantage of natural shapes and to highlight the natural beauty of every slab. Every piece of furniture is hand-polished and varnished.

The collection is made up of tables, chairs, and small accessories, including some beautifully handcrafted LED lamps.

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Images courtesy of ITZ Mayan Wood Furniture