What if keeping your laptop charged was as simple as setting it out in the sun? That’s the promise behind a brand new netbook that may just break the biggest barrier to ultra-portable computing: battery life. It won’t run graphics-heavy computer games, but iUnika‘s new $180, 1.5 pound solar-powered Gyy netbook is ideal for anyone looking for an inexpensive on-the-go computing solution.

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The Gyy features a tiny 8-inch screen and retains its low price point with a bare-bones set of specs (400mhz processor, 128MB of RAM), but it’s the device’s sustainable components that really set it apart from other netbooks. The computer body is composed of bioplastics and biodegradable materials made from starch and cellulose, so end-of-life netbooks are ultra-easy to recycle. Best of all, the netbook comes with solar panels mounted on the back of the display, making it ideal for developing countries that lack grid power. iUnika’s netbook will be on store shelves in June or July.

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