In the four years I’ve lived in New York, I have never owned a plant. In fact, I never even thought about buying one – until now. A plant is like a pet that needs to be watered and fed, lest it whither away and become another $40 poorly spent. Luckily, our friends at Vitamin Living know the plight of urban foliage. To the rescue comes their I.V. Plant Pot – a cute and clever self-watering pot that will keep your plants alive in spite of your negligence (or guilt you into becoming a better steward to your greenery).

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The conspicuous I.V isn’t just another functionless design feature thrown in for kitsch value. The I.V. actually feeds the plant, and feeds it well! And of course, when the clear bag goes flat, you know it’s time to load up another dose to prevent hydrophonic withdrawal. It’s intensive care for houseplants, and you’re on call!

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This is yet another smart, functional (and slighly cheeky) design creation to come out of Vitamin Living, th British designers who brought us the standing lamp that doubles as a floor sweeper, and the table top light that will extend the life of your morning coffee. Vitamin Living’s designs are fabulous not only for their subtle humor and creative functionality, but because they change the way we relate to our space.

Via Josh Spear